Friday, February 8, 2013

The Stupid Driver's License

For years my wife has been nagging encouraging me to get my driver's license.  I wasn't interested when I was 16 and successfully held that disinterest for the past two decades.  It seems now, the time has come for several different reasons.  Here then are my stock answer/excuses for why I haven't obtained this stupid piece of paper, followed by why I now think what I was saying is a bunch of bunk.

1.  Driving increases an individuals carbon footprint and is bad for the environment...

There are many things bad for the environment:  Airplanes, corporate industry, fracking, etc....  The Toyota Echo that I'll probably end up driving a few blocks a week isn't what is going to tip the scales.

2.  Driving will inevitably mean I will exercise less and get fat...

On the contrary....  I weigh about 40 pounds more now than when I got married 6 years ago.  One of the reasons for this is that my metabolism has slowed some and I require more exercise.  Simply walking to work just isn't cutting it.  It's -20° C around here these days.... what exercise could I do?  Well, if I had a car, I could go skiing or snowshoeing or tobogganing with the kids.  All sorts of fun stuff that not having a license prevents me from achieving.

3.  I'm afraid to drive.  I know I will over-think the situation and kill somebody...

Nope.  People waaaaay dumber and more careless than myself drive everyday.  Ipso Facto.

4.  This is going to cost money - insurance, gas, vehicle payments, etc...

As a family we make much more money than we ever have.  This year we should make 4 times what we made the year we got married.  This excuse is no longer valid.

5.  I've gone this long without one, and it's not hurting anyone.  Why now?  I'm too old to learn...

This is probably the biggest one.  I haven't been fair to my wife or family.  Having no lisence myself means my wife does all the driving always - for groceries, music lessons, dance class, doctors appointments, school... It's been shitty of me to put that on her.  That sucks and I need to make it right.

As for being too old?  Four years ago I learned complex math and how to ascertain voltage of a capacitor during a time constant in an RLC circuit using eulers number for exponential climb and decay.  Previous to that (two decades ago) I had failed grade ten math.  I apparently learn better now than I did then.

So, if you're like me and have ever used the above excuses to not get your license.... just grow a pair and  damn-well do it.

I am.

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