Sunday, February 17, 2013

A long time ago....

Pretty much since birth, my son has been enamored by world of Thomas the Tank Engine.  Everywhere we go he'd have a train in each hand, and could easily name 4 dozen engines (correctly) before he could count or recite the alphabet.  When he plays, he talks with a British accent and borrows lines from the episodes that have been watched hundreds (and hundreds) of times.  But then the other day, a miracle happened...

Earlier in the week, I had changed my Windows wallpaper to C3P0 wearing a Victorian suit....

When my son saw the new desktop his pupils dilated slightly, he commented something about the golden robot, and then it happened.  He said, "Daddy, can we watch Star Wars?"

Yes!! These ARE the droids you're looking for!

We watched A New Hope - the 1977 cut, unedited.  It was... magical.  I was able to relive watching it for the first time.  I was a year older than him when I first saw it.  It was kindergarten and the whole class sat on the orange shag carpet in our school library as we watched Luke Skywalker drink blue milk on Betamax tape.

This is exciting to me - just though I'd share.

N.B. I'm not THAT huge of a Star Wars geek, although.... I have a Star Wars tattoo.... and my wedding cake had Star Wars action figures on it.... and every year for my birthday, I secretly hope it's going to be a Star Wars themed birthday.... (this came true for my 7th and 25th birthdays! - and maybe also my 36th?)

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