Thursday, February 7, 2013

People dissapoint me

Either I'm simply becoming more aware in my old age, or the world truly has started going to hell at an exponential rate these past few years. 

I read an article on Yahoo this morning about Lakes Huron and Michigan being lower than ever recorded since 1918 (when recording started).  This is scary stuff.  I don't believe it's an unavoidable natural occurrence (as the article states).  I could go on about how the article doesn't include peer reviewed sources and makes assumptions throughout.... but that's not what is really upsetting me.  Everybody knows Yahoo is as much (if not more) of a joke news source than Fox.

What really troubles me is this:  The actual real people who read and commented on this article - not the Yahoo writers who are paid to write these necessary illusions....

"The fresh water is our heritage and Michigan real estate goes down in value surrounded by this massive amount of fresh water. something is wrong with the politics of the region.
The surrounding states and Michigan must band together to protect this resource and enhance the value of the region."
"Dirty politics as usual. The tax is supposed to take care of this, but as usual politicians skim off a huge amount to make sure they are re-elected"
"Sounds like the problem was created by government intervention, at our expense, and misappropriation of tax moneys."

"Maybe what we need is a law that prohibits the federal government from using taxpayer funds for purposes that were not included in the legislation that originally levied the tax. "
Are you fucking kidding me?!  The world largest bodies of water are drying up and all you can do is show concern for your pocketbook and blame the government?  How about we look at this and say "wow, we consume too much as a society....heck, I consume too much as an individual!  It's time to seriously lower our carbon footprints (feetprint?) and not suck so badly as stewards of the Earth and hold each other and ourselves accountable for what's happening to our planet."

Blame the government....  dumbasses.

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