Monday, February 11, 2013

Some of the time

Monday morning.


Back to work today.  Time to trade in the yoga pants for a suit and tie... my choice of dress watch... maybe cufflinks and a pocket square.  This is so not me.  It's a necessary illusion to 'sell more stuff'.  Sometimes I put on the illusion so strongly that I convince even myself and forget how unimportant and silly it all really is.  Diamonds are only perfectly formed lattice structures of carbon - nothing more.  You can probably do some pretty neat things with them in science - but most people don't.  They obtain the biggest one they can't really afford to make their friends envious and monetize/symbolize a chemical reaction known as the emotion 'love".

My name is Winston and I sell diamond jewellery and diamond jewellery accessories.

Some of the time.

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